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Parish Mission Statement

Saint Mary's Parish was established in North Plymouth by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston in 1915 to meet the spiritual needs of the increasing immigrant population, many of whom were employed by the Plymouth Cordage Company.  We continue to welcome a variety of new parishioners who bring a rich mixture of cultural traditions to this growing and evolving parish community.

We are a faith-filled Catholic community that celebrates the Eucharist by bringing Christ into our daily lives through the liturgy and the sacraments.  We reach out to meet the spiritual needs of our community, bearing witness to the Gospel message of love through works of charity by assisting those who are in need.  The adults and youth of our parish warmly and actively support a wide variety of programs and activities.


Saint Mary's Parish was established to serve the growing Catholic community of Plymouth.  The territory of St. Mary's was carved out of St. Peter Parish, the older Catholic parish in town.  Most of the early parishioners were working-class German, Italian, and Portuguese immigrants.  Rev. Austin E. Doherty, the first pastor, gathered his flock to celebrate Mass in the newly built St. Mary's Church in 1915.

Since it was established, St. Mary's has grown into a thriving community of faith.  Our pastor, Rev. John Graham provides us with strong leadership and loving spiritual guidance.  The faith of our parish family is strengthened by the central celebration of parish life, that of the Eucharist.  We are committed to fostering a sense of community at St. Mary's, and this commitment is evident at our special Masses, including our Family Mass and the our Brazilian Community Mass.  We are also drawn together by our may parish organizations.  We are committed to extending our community of faith through religious education, youth ministry, and adult education.   We recognize how vital it is to use our time, talent and treasure to do the work of God on earth.  Together, we look to the future with the hope that our family will only continue to grow in faith.

The people of St. Mary's unite to form a vibrant and faith-filled parish.  With God's help, we will continue to serve Him and the community with love and devotion.