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St. Mary Parish Pastoral Council

April 30, 2013


The meeting began at 6:00 p.m. with a prayer led by Father Joe. 


Members present included:

Father Joe MacCarthy, Jeanne Evans, Paul Dumais, Debbie Cristofori, Anita Alexander, Scott Cardey, Guy Roy and Tom Nuttall.



Catholic Appeal

We have reached $22,500 for this year’s Archdiocesan Appeal and are about $4000 away from this goal. Father Joe indicated the parish will be assessed the full value of the campaign, even if we don’t reach the goal.  He also noted that 130 parishioners have donated where last year there were 160 parishioners.  Hopefully, we will reach the goal before the campaign is over. (Note: since this meeting, the parish has met the goal for this year’s appeal.)


Parochial Vicar for Brazilian Community:

The current parochial vicar for the Brazilian Community belongs to St. Mary’s and is paid ¼ of the salary. He is paid through the Brazilian account. He also is assigned to Stoughton and Rockland parishes.  Father Joe indicated that there are concerns with his schedule and arrival.  Father Joe will ask him to arrive at 4 pm for the evening mass on Mondays.  There are a number of other issues which Father Joe will be speaking to him about.


Holy Ghost Picnic

This year’s Holy Ghost Festa and picnic is tentatively scheduled for July 27, 2013. The society received a donation from the industrial park group and repairs have been made to the facility.


100th Anniversary Dinner

The parish will begin celebrating the 100th anniversary of the parish with a kickoff dinner.  Tickets will be sold for the event which will include a dinner, dance and raffle. Jeanne will look at some of the possible locations. (Note: since the meeting it was determined that the event will be held on September 13th at the new American Legion Hall.)


Electrical System

Father Joe informed the group that the control breaker panel in the church needs to be repaired and some switches need to be installed. Additional LED lights need to be installed around the church.  A switch system will be installed to allow the dimming of the lights. A parishioner called and has committed, as a personal gift in kind, to do the work. He said he will cover and donate the whole thing. In addition, exit signs need to be replaced.  Father Joe indicated that he may look into adding outlets for heat tape on roof.


Fire Alarm System for the church

The fire alarm system is old, outdated and not functioning properly. Insurance will cover at least half of the cost (maybe more) of replacing the system.  It may cover the whole thing.


Car for sale

Someone gave the parish a 2006 Grand Marquis 2006 with only 7000 miles it.  Father Joe will be trying to sell it in the near future. 


Stained Glass Windows

Father Joe indicated that one of the windows on the right side of the church needs to be repaired.  The cost to repair the window is about $2000.   Father Joe would like to create a stained glass window with a picture of Mary and Joseph which could be about $20,000. More information and details will occur in the future.


Personnel changes

Due to other job commitments Celso has resigned as grounds keeper for the parish.

Barbara Sullivan is submitted her resignation and retiring as Director of Religious Education.  Father Joe is interviewing potential candidates. This is more than a part time job. It involves Sundays and Tuesdays every other week.


Next meeting

June 18th at 6:00 pm



Respectfully Submitted: 


St. Mary Parish Pastoral Council

November 13, 2012

The meeting began at 6:00 p.m. with a prayer led by Father Joe. 

Members present included:

Father Joe MacCarthy, Deacon Gene Stenstrom, Paul Dumais, Debbie Cristofori, Dorothy Zupperoli, James Shores, Anita Alexander, Scott Cardey, Tom Nuttall, Guy Roy, and Jeanne Evans.

Father Joe is working on getting someone from the Brazilian community to be a member of the Parish Council.  Currently there is an informal Brazilian Council.  Father Joe will try to get more involved with them first before they get invited to be part of the PPC.

Planning for the parish 100th anniversary will be on hold until the Nov. 15th announcement from the Archdiocese about parish consolidation.  Once that is known, there will be a committee to meet for the next 2 ½ years and plan monthly events during the centennial year.  The anniversary will be celebrated sometime during the Marian month of October of 2015. 

The chapel work for the Brazilian Madonna is complete and it is wonderful.  It was acknowledged and highlighted in The Pilot.  It is a great recognition for that community.

The church flooring is still in the evolving and repair stages.  There are a couple of temporary solutions in the works.

The parish center floor is in great shape.  It replaced the rug which was costly to clean and got dirty very fast. The new floor has been treated and will be easy to maintain. Father Joe also informed the group that cable television has been installed in the Parish Center.  Now, Catholic TV can be broadcast during Matthew's Kitchen.  It will be available for the kids to see during the religious ed programs.  In addition, youth groups can watch TV on a new TV that was donated.

Father Joe informed the group that the collaboration announcements will be coming out on Thursday, November 15th.

The St Vincent de Paul food pantry location is under discussion.  This decision will not be made until next spring.  Father Joe also informed the group that donations for Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets will continue to be asked of parishioners. There will be a Giving Tree with gift tags identifying needs and asking people to bring unwrapped gifts under the tree.

The Grand Annual collection is coming along very well. The goal is a little over $30,000.  We have over $15,000 at this time and contributions will continue for a few months.

Father Joe informed the group that the stained glass windows in the church are being evaluated. Someone has donated a sum to the parish and has requested that one panel be repaired. In light of this, Father had artists visit the church to see what could be done to clean and evaluate the condition of the windows. They informed him that the dirt appearance in the windows is iron within the paint The Plexi glass that protects the windows is turning yellow.  They also informed him that the windows are not true stained glass windows since they were originally designed to be replaced with permanent, real, stained glass windows. Council members informed him that the windows were all cleaned about 8 years ago. He is waiting for estimates and will keep the council informed.

Father Joe informed the group that the donations/fees for weddings at St. Mary's is increasing. The new fee will be $500 for parishioners (with waivers possible) and $750 for out of parish participants.

Other issues:
The number of participants for the teams for Matthew's Kitchen is decreasing while the need is increasing. Recently there were 47 guests for eating.  Some groups are down to a few members.  It appears that there are organizational issues that need to be addressed. A meeting will be scheduled.

There are concerns about the usher situation for the 7:30 Mass.  There is no substitute system in place for the ushers and that type of structure needs to be developed.

The meeting adjourned at 7 pm.